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Frequently Asked Questions
Which Jukebox Blessings should I listen to?
Choosing which Blessings to listen to is simple. If you are new to Dr. Dan and Holy Divine Healing techniques, it is suggested you begin with the first Blessing, and proceed in the order they are listed. For those more experienced, choosing the Blessings is left to your intuition. As you read over the names and descriptions of each Blessing, you will feel drawn to certain ones over others. These are the Blessings you are ready for. Blessings are very powerful experiences and you will want to allow some time to fully absorb them and the changes that will occur.
How do I access a Jukebox Blessing?
Lectures, Group Healings, Teleconferences & Private Sessions
Who is Dr. Dan Mathews?
What is Holy Divine Healing?
Holy Divine Healing - Definition of Terms
What happened in 2012? And what will happen next?
What is the Christ Consciousness Prayer?

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